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Posted September 8, 2016

Well NACA & APCA conference season is upon us. We are very proud to announce our fall showcasing lineup.

NACA South... Illusionist Elliot Zimet, Comedian Emma Willmann & Solo Artist Gary Johnson (alternate)

NACA Central...Illusionist Elliot Zimet, Emotion Into Art featuring Tom Varano, andMentalist/Hypnotist Spidey.

NACA Mid Atlantic...Comedian Emma Willmann and Joshua Seth (alternates)

NACA Mid America...Illusionist Elliot Zimet, Hypnotist Spidey (alternate) & Comedian Tyler Fischer (alternate)

NACA Northeast...Illusionist Elliot Zimet, Comedian Kerry Codett, & Comedian Emma Willmann (alternate)

NACA West....Hypnotist/Mentalist Spidey